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Hi, I'm Dr. Ron Eaker, and I’m thrilled you’re here.

I help midlife/menopausal women take control of their hormonal changes, lose weight, improve energy and reignite their sex life by providing trusted,concise information and individualized, expert coaching.

I am a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist who has been in practice in Augusta,Ga. for 30 years.

I am also a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and am board certified in Bariatric Medicine. I have been listed in “America’s Best Doctors” for the past ten years. I am the past Chief-of-staff and Chairman of the department of OB-Gyn at Trinity Hospital.

I’ve authored several books including, “Holy Hormones”, Approaching PMS and Menopause God’s Way, “Healthy Habits for a Fit Family” from Bethany House Publishers and “A Woman’s Guide To Hormone Health”, a book on everything menopause, and “One Life: A Parable of Healing”.

I know that you’re frustrated and confused. Congratulations on reaching out for help. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve clarity in dealing with hormone-related issues, weight problems, energy decline, and lack of sex drive.
Dr. Ron Eaker, MD

I know that you’re frustrated and confused. 

I created the 

Reduce! Revive! Reignite!


specifically for YOU.

Take back control of your hormonal changes, lose weight, improve energy and reignite your sex life!

LOSE that midlife 20-pound weight gain...and keep it off.

REIGNITE PASSION in your relationship and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Enjoy MORE ENERGY, physically and emotionally, to live life on your terms.

GET RID OF hot flashes, moodiness, and the emotional roller coaster that menopause can be for some.

ADVICE on the best of traditional and complementary 

With this program you will:

  • Get rid of that midlife 20 pound weight gain...and keep it off.

  • Understand how to reignite passion in your relationship and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

  • Increase your energy, physically and emotionally, to live life on your terms.

  • Get rid of hot flashes, moodiness, and the emotional roller coaster that menopause can be for some.

  • Fix a broken sex drive and rediscover how to enjoy your sexuality and bolster your relationship.

  • Rediscover how to enjoy your sexuality and bolster your relationships.

Midlife and Menopause: You need to know what you need to know!

This lesson has 3 sessions, each one designed to provide clarity, curate reliable information, and provide action steps. Knowledge is power, but the application of knowledge is your superpower, and this lesson equips you to begin making good choices.
Section one is designed to clearly define the terms, jargon, and medical speak that is necessary for you to be an active partner in your wellness decisions. Knowing these terms will save you hours on Google searches and teach you what is important with no fluff.
The second session addresses common menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, mood changes, etc.) and, more importantly, your solutions.
The third session looks at common stresses and transitions during this season of life and how to overcome each.

Hormones And Herbals

This lesson, in three sections, tackles everything you wanted to know about hormones but your doctor didn’t have time to let you ask.
Section one makes the distinction between synthetic and bioidentical hormones - what they do and don’t do - and the magic of the “Estrogen Window”.
Section two gets very specific as to how to decide if hormones or other options are right for you.
Section three looks at alternative treatment options like herbals, phytoestrogens, plants, acupuncture, and others.

Weight Control In Midlife/Menopause

70% of women in the menopause carry excess weight. This lesson gives the fundamentals of a low carb lifestyle, the foundation of sustainable, healthy weight loss.
Section one sets expectations for a healthy weight, explains why diets fail, and details cutting edge scientific techniques for losing fat.
Section two debunks the calories in versus calories out approach to fat loss. The fundamental problem isn’t having too many calories in the body; it’s having too few in the right place, circulating in the bloodstream and available for our immediate needs.
Section three discusses weight loss medications, supplements, different fad diets, and how to use science to get it right.

Healthy Eating: You can’t outrun a poor diet

This lesson simplifies the confusing myriad of nutritional advice and explains why our food impacts all aspect of midlife.

Section one talks about the toxicity of sugar and how to quickly distinguish a good carb from one to avoid. It also clarifies in easy to understand language the terminology surrounding nutrition.
Section two is all about practical tips for eating healthy that are easy to follow and result in weight control and a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, senile dementia and stroke.

Sleep: The brain’s maid

This lesson teaches the critical importance that sleep plays in everything from fatigue to weight control.

Section one explains why sleep is nature’s cleansing tool and how lack of sleep can be more harmful than smoking. 12 different sleep hygiene techniques are explained in detail.
Section two walks you through the myriad of sleep aids, both prescription and over the counter explaining the pros and cons of each.

Intermittent Fasting

This lesson focuses on a method for fat loss and longevity.

Intermittent fasting and time restrictive eating is a great tool in the toolbox for controlling insulin, metabolism, inflammation, and aging.

Exercise: The fountain of youth

This lesson gives very practical advice on the type, duration, and use of activity level in weight control, energy generation, and disease prevention. A distinction is made between activity and exercise with an emphasis on day to day benefits.

A simple plan is outlined for beginners through seasoned athletes.

Fatigue: Too pooped to Pucker

This lesson has two sections that identify common causes of fatigue and give usable advice on overcoming those barriers.

Section one clearly shows how energy levels can be devastated and section two provides action plans to add pep to your step.

Libido: When your sex drive has driven off

Section one of this lesson focuses on the multiple and often overlapping causes of poor libido. You have to know causes before you can identify solutions.

Section two outlines action plans for many of the common causes and provides practical advice on reigniting the passion.

Stress: The disease of the new millennium

This lesson is divided into two sections, the first walks you through identifying various stressors and how this impacts everything in midlife.

Section two sets out a plan for stress management that can be used in almost any situation.

You will also...

  • Save time and money chasing solutions that don’t work or are dangerous.

  • Get exclusive access to Dr. Eaker and other program participants in our private online community.

  • Have 24/7 access on any device to all course materials including online videos detailing all you need to know about this transition PLUS PDF files, tools, and exercises that are not too much, not too little, but just right for transformation.

  • Get a step by step process for weight control, libido enhancement and hormone regulation.

  • Acquire the tools for permanent relief, change, and hope.

  • PLUS 2 Free Ebooks, A Woman’s Guide to Hormone Health and One Life



100% money-back guarantee within 30 days if not completely satisfied. 

What Others Are saying...

“I think you are the only man on the planet that “gets it” regarding the big change! I am very thankful for you and all that you have done for my health and well being. I am happy that I have you by my side as I enter this hot mess of change.” - Andrea Stein 

"Dr. Eaker was a lifesaver, well a mind saver for me. I was one of those women who felt totally out of control. The physical things like an occasional hot flash, the tiredness, etc. were tolerable. My issue was I was an emotional train wreck and needed help. With his guidance and help, we found what is working for me! I feel great again!  I am not crying at everything, falling apart at the minutest event and I am sleeping again. I am back to being an active, productive, happy person!  Work with your body and with your coach to find what works for you!  Thanks Dr. Eaker!!" - Mary-Jane Vivas

Why Dr. Ron?

  • Listed in America’s Best Doctors for the past 14 years.

  • Double Board Certified in Ob/Gyn and Bariatric Medicine.

  • Featured on Life Today TV, Janet Parshall’s America, Fox, ABC.

  • Author of A Woman’s Guide to Hormone Health and Healthy Habits for a Fit Family.

  • Awarded the National Patient Education Award from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  • Clinical Advisor to the American Running and Fitness Association.

  • Selected by Healthtap as Top Ob/Gyn in Georgia, 2018.

  • Completed 98 marathons and half marathons, including 5 Boston Marathons
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Still have questions?

  • Who is this program for?

    Any woman struggling with hormone/menopause issues including but not limited to weight gain, sex drive, and fatigue who wants to feel like themselves again!

  • What makes you different or qualified to deliver results?

    I have 30 years of clinical experience partnering with thousands of women in solving all these issues. I have the academic credentials but have spent most of my career in the trenches focused on practical, doable solutions.

  • I’m already busy, will this program take a lot of time?

    This is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace. While we motivate you to take action, you work within the framework of your life to accomplish your goals.

  • Why is this different from other online learning?

    This program’s secret sauce is private online community. Rarely are you able to find programs that give you access to the physician or program creator, as well as other participants who are also working through the program in a small group setting.

  • Is there a specific start date or is there a rolling enrollment?

    No, there is not a specific start date. You can start when you're ready AND you get lifetime access, so it's here when you need it.

  • What if I just have 1 issue, like hot flashes?

    This course not only solves symptomatic issues but also focuses on prevention and longevity. Yes, we help FIX problems, but we also work with you to PREVENT them!

What others are saying...

"I have tried many diets over the past 25 years, losing the weight, but always gaining it back again.  This program was exactly what I needed: a lifestyle change, not a diet!  Dr. Eaker treated me as a whole person, not just someone struggling with weight and hormones.  It was life-changing for me.” - Peggy Dixon

"Listening to Dr. Eaker, explain the program, I joined and three months later I have lost 20.6 pounds. I have more energy, sleeping better and I have lost fat in the stomach area so my clothes fit better.  The program is easy to follow and Dr. Eaker and his staff gave me lots of support and information. I'm so glad I found out about this program. Thank you to Dr. Eaker!" - Yolanda Hardin

"I used to be 232 pounds, diabetic with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.  Oh, and did I mention the hot flashes!!  I began working with Dr.Eaker and in 6 months I had lost 32 pounds and counting.  My glucose levels have dropped and are more stable and I have been able to stop one of my blood pressure medicines.  I no longer have to use my C-PAP machine, oh, and did I mention, I haven’t had a hot flash in weeks! I will be forever grateful for the care and attention of Dr.Eaker." - Ashleah Hudson

“ A year ago I couldn't do 1 pushup and didn't even know what a burpee was. Today I did 150 pushups along with a bunch more exercises that I got to do with my kids! Very thankful for this program and for Dr.Eaker helping me find that women that was trapped under 110lbs of medical issues, excuses and years of bad food choices!

I still have a ways to go but I am so determined to surpass the goals I have for myself! Everyday is a new day to choose to live a healthier life.” - Kristin Anderson